Ludovic Le Gall submerges wine bottles under the sea...


Ludovic Le Gall submerges wine bottles in the sea, but it's more than that…
He integrates them into an original and eloquent art project; he takes the stage and creates a mysterious, fascinating and enchanting world.
No matter what it calls to mind for you, be it the world of pirates, buccaneers or rebel privateers…
He well be satisfied as long as he fires your imagination. 

The wines are selected based on their oenological quality, their alcohol content and the experience gained from previous submerged vintages.

In the calm blue waters, Vin d'O takes a different path than a wine that simply rests in its little cellar. The ocean dephts create ideal conditions that underground cellars can never reproduce. It may be the extremely stable temperature, or the higher pressure and the constant rocking motion due to the tides and currents… it all remains a mystery. And yet – it's true and borne out by comparative tastings – there is a beneficial effect on the wines that manifests itself differently depending on the varieties. Overall, they gain in roundness and maturity, while retaining freshness and generosity. If you love original adventures, you will love these wines.

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  • Ludovic Le Gall
    33 (0)6 64 87 91 62